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What can you do with your SEVEN CARD?

  • Withdrawals at ATM’s of the VISA network

    Take advantage of the vast network of ATH ATM’s around the world to make cash withdrawals with your SEVEN CARD.
  • Suscriptions

    Complete any online subscription such as Netflix, YouTube, HBO, Disney+ with your SEVEN CARD.
  • Services payment

    Pay for your services with your SEVEN CARD.
  • Internal transfers

    With SEVEN CARD, you can transfer funds from your card to another SEVEN CARD at no additional cost.
  • Online shopping

    Complete any purchase in online stores such as Amazon, PayPal, eBay, etc. with your SEVEN CARD, quickly and safely.
  • Purchases

    Make all your purchases easily in thousands of stores around the world affiliated with the VISA network.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the online registration work?

To download the SEVEN CARD Registration Instructions, please click here.

How to report your departure from the country, unusual transactions, errors in cash withdrawals and POS declinations?

Before leaving the country we recommend you to report your departure to our WhatsApp +(502) 3993-7373 or to the e-mail, you can also make any inquiry related to your transactions, inconveniences and declinations.

How can I apply for my SEVEN CARD?

You can access our product by calling +(502) 2424-9378 or sending an email to and one of our representatives will contact you immediately.

What is the scope of the SEVEN CARD?

SEVEN CARD gives you access to millions of merchants worldwide guaranteeing a secure payment method, and access to thousands of ATMs located around the world.

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